Connie Mackay, Associate Director of the APA will be the director/principal investigator. Ms Mackay has worked for the APA for 7 years. As the Associate Director she is well positioned to oversee and assure the success of this project. As the PI she will oversee all aspects of the project. She will assure that all of the subcontractors and consultants work together and achieve the goals of this project. She will monitor the timeline and assure that process goals are achieved. She will devote 10% of her time for the 24-month project period to the project.

Paul M. Darden, MD has been active in the Academic Pediatric Association (APA) for many years serving in many capacities, including 2003 when he served as the president of the APA. He has been a leader in the development of the TIDE both as a written and online curriculum. He has been active in immunization delivery research (Slora, 2008; Darden, 2008; Darden, 2007) and has a long-standing interest in pediatric continuity clinics (McBurney, 2008; McBurney 2004; Darden 2001). He is a leader in pediatric education (Baldwin 2007). Dr. Darden will oversee the evaluation of this project and as the editor of TIDE will assure consistency of the results.

Sharon G. Humiston, MD, MPH has been an invited immunization speaker, health services researcher, and National Vaccine Advisory Committee member since 1993. She was one of the original APA members to create TIDE. As a contractor to CDC, she distilled the 11-page Vaccine Information Pamphlets to 1-page documents, thus developing the first Vaccine Information Statements (VISs). In a HRSA-funded series of projects, Recently, Dr. Humiston has collaborated with on writing The Vaccine Quarterly, worked with Dr. Atkinson on the immunization chapter for AAP’s Primary Care Textbook, and was the “talent” in a PKIDs video.
She previously worked for CDC in the (then) National Immunization Program as a health care provider educator. She collaborates with CDC NCIRD in a partnership to deliver immunization education to NPs and. As a pediatrician she educates residents and, as mother of an autistic son, Dr. Humiston is a founding member of Autism Science Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Terry Davis, PhD is a national expert in health communication. She is currently funded on a wide variety of projects, including tests of health literacy interventions to improve use of colorectal and breast cancer; diabetes self–management; and enhanced prescription drug labeling. Dr. Davis first published on parents’ understanding of immunization materials in 1996 (Davis TC in Pediatrics 1996;97:804-810) and followed this with a series of studies on parent vaccine communication needs and how doctors could address them. (see Section I-B.3 above)

Drs. Davis, Darden, and Humiston work extremely well in partnership with each other. In addition to their collaboration on TIDE and immunization education materials for HRSA, Drs. Davis and Humiston partnered on a project to determine the suitability of parent education materials used by genetics screening programs of each state and conducted focus groups of parents, providers and experts in the field to create a parent educational toolkit on newborn screening. Most recently, Drs. Davis and Humiston worked together on educational workshops for American Board of Pediatric examination preparation.

James McElligott, MD MSCR is a member of the APA and is the investigator for the TIDE project at the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. McElligott has been active in immunization delivery research with published works in the journals of Pediatrics and Public Health Reports. He is also actively involved in extending health care and education through technology. Dr. McElligott is a contributing author for the creation of TIDE will oversee the responsibilities of the Medical University of South Carolina as the host institution for the site.