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NewSee the new TIDE Vaccine Safety Module!  This module is designed to help you explain the dangers of vaccine-preventable diseases and the effectiveness of vaccines against them, as well as answering parents' common vaccine safety questions.

TIDE is a group of highly interactive, case-based modules. It's designed to help clinicians learn to store, give, and communicate about immunizations with technical excellence.

Why study vaccine delivery? It's worth doing; it's worth doing excellently.

What is a TIDE module? Each module (list shown left) covers an aspect of immunization delivery. They're flexible: Stop and start. Work on them alone or in groups as part of an in-service.

Why register? If you register, you can stop, save your work, and then log in and pick up where you left off. It also allows you to obtain a CE certificate.

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How much do you think physicians should learn about vaccine storage?

None, others should be in charge
A little, enough to check
A lot, ultimately, their responsibility

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The TIDE modules were created with grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) National Immunization Program and the American Pediatric Association. Ongoing maintenance of the TIDE modules is provided by the Medical University of South Carolina.